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Backup and restore of Cydia repositories and sources with Source Saver


Source Saver, how to backup and restore Cydia's repo and source

As we have seen, only a few days ago the iOS 6.1 Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod was finally released.

This new Jailbreak has been performed by millions of people, who, together with the Jailbreak, they installed Cydia on their devices.

As you know, on Cydia there are many tweaks that allow you to make the most of your Apple devices after the Jailbreak and, among the many available, I point you out today Source Saver.What is Source Saver used for? As the name of the tweak itself says, this Source Saver allows you to fully backup and restore all Cydia repo and sources, in order to always have them available in case of device formatting.

In fact, when you completely format an iPhone, iPod and iPad, there are various software and tools that allow you to make a complete backup of the device and, at the same time, allow you to easily restore it later. Unfortunately, these programs only take care of backing up games, programs, applications, music, photos, videos, address book, messages and little else. In fact, everything related to Cydia and Jailbreak is not automatically saved by iTunes backups and similar software.

Here, then, that Source Saver comes to your rescue. It allows you to make a full backup of all the Cydia repo that you have added to your iPhone and, in this way, you can easily restore them later, after formatting or restoring your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

It is a very simple to use and very comfortable program, which I recommend to all users who have jailbroken on their devices, especially those who are used to adding many Cydia repo, but who never remember the names. of the same in case of need.

The Source Saver tweak available in the BigBoss repo and free. What more could we ask for?

To use Source Saver, just download it from Cydia on your iOS device, backup using the dedicated function and then restore it on your jailbroken device.

In two simple steps you can restore and then save the repositories installed in Cydia.

A tweak definitely worth trying!

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