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Back up text messages in a few simple steps

Fixing your text messages now is not a complicated undertaking. Thanks to the application Android Free SMS Backup & Restore can create your own messages and secure them. In a few simple steps they will be made safe.

To make a safe backup of text messages you can use an application for Android which is called SMS Backup & Restore. In the first window, the main one, there are various buttons that are very useful for this purpose. At the top of the application, in correspondence with the name of the application, there is the button for general settings. Immediately below the various components are used to create, view, search, restore and delete messages and backup. First of all you have to check and change the settings. Then touch the button at the top and a menu appears at the bottom of the screen. At this point you need to touch settings. The corresponding window with fourteen settings is open. The first is used to choose the folder that will be used to save the backup, the second item consisting of a series of settings with which you can use the archive mode or add the backup in a single file, choose the file name, choose which conversation save, disable file verification after backup, add a clear date and add XSL tags to be able to view backups in the browser. Scheduled backups change the settings of scheduled backups. You can add a password with password protection. Then there are three boxes to check if you want to correct the time zone of the messages received during the restore, view or backup. Finally, you can enable the registry for troubleshooting and change the language used by the application.

After changing the settings, you can start making backups by touching the corresponding button. Touched it will open a window to choose the destination folder of the backup. Same thing will appear if you already have backups and want to view them. In this case, choose the button to display and from the window choose the file concerned. The search button is used to find a specific backup while for restore you have to choose the restore button. Finally, you can delete the backup or the messages by clicking respectively on delete backup or delete messages. With these simple actions you can save text messages on your smartphone Android.

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