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At work for Quake IV

At work for Quake IV logomacitynet1200wide 1

Quake IV will be there and will use the Doom III engine. The announcement of the sequel to the popular game that made the history of the "shoot 'em up" was given during the weekend during QuakeCon. The development of the PC version will be entrusted by Raven Software which will use the graphics engine being developed for the Doom sequel. At the moment, according to some Internet sources, the work still in the preliminary phase with the study of the plot and environment, there are therefore no screen shots to show. On the other hand, the same Doom III engine still incomplete and the game still distant from the release (which could take place between the middle and the end of 2002). What we learned is that the "Cyborg" setting of the second episode of the series will return, with half-human robots. Being the game at the preliminary stage, no statement was made on a possible port for Mac but the chances that the title will also be released for our platforms are high considering that Doom III will also be available for Os X and that it was publicly demonstrated for the first time by its creator, John Carmack, on Os X.

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