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AppleStore: the opening of Boston with our photos!

AppleStore: the opening of Boston with our photos! logomacitynet1200wide 1

As we remembered on the occasion of the opening of the AppleStore in Schaumburg, the shop that will serve the Boston area in Peabody opened its doors on Saturday.The Northshore shopping center (located in a center of gravity area between Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island) and each time the previously established "records" are beaten, this time the people of the Macintosh began to line up at 2 am on Friday and, for the opening hours (9 on Saturday morning), witnesses assert that this time the highest number of patrons was reached: among the most "hi-tech" in the country (the second concentration of Mac after southern California), and to testify to it are the first two in queue in front of the shop window, students from the nearby MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The first in line were able to make the inaugural purchases and receive the gifts you see in the photos below, in addition to the T-shirt " shop different ". The only difference from the previous stores so far opened (this is the sixth of 25 foreseen in the USA) the internal layout: to mirror, for example the Genius Bar on the left after the entrance instead of on the right. will soon be available on MacProf.After New England, the capital of Ohio will host a new AppleStore, next Friday: in Columbus and more precisely at the Easton Town Center, where children can also have fun playing with outdoor fountains. an opportunity to report the opening of a particular AppleStore (on the Internet) dedicated to United States government operators (in possession of SmartPay credit cards) who will be able to make purchases obtaining attractive discounts.

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