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Apple's past discusses Apple's future.

Apple's past discusses Apple's future. logomacitynet1200wide 1

From this morning at 9am (US west coast time) to Thursday noon, some of the most important characters who have made Apple's history will be involved in a round table organized by the San Jose Mercury News newspaper.

Those involved are Gil Amelio (former Apple CEO from February '96 to July '97), Jean-Louis Gasse (former Apple Product Division President), Mark Gonzales (former Apple Senior Product Manager for 7 years) and Jef Raskin ( former Macintosh Product Manager, inventor of the Mac interface and Apple's number 31 employee since '78) but also the hosts Jon Fortt (San Jose Mercury News reporter) and Dan Gillmor (San Jose Mercury News reporter), Tim Bajarin (industrial analyst and consultant for IBM, Compaq and Dell), Monish Bhatia (MacNN reporter) and finally David Leishman (editor of WorkingMac).

Obviously Apple was also invited, but in Cupertino they decided that it would be appropriate for none of their managers to participate.

Amelio, will attend from Wednesday.

Anyone can send their questions (which will be filtered by through this site:

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