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Apple SK Hynix is ​​quarantining 800 employees

The world's second largest memory maker and supplier Apple SK Hynix quarantines 800 employees for fears about Coronavirus. The order arrived in the past few hours: the company asked some of its staff not to go to work, imposing a quarantine as a preventive measure.

The decision was made after finding out that a company trainee had contact with a patient in Daegu, a city in South Korea where there is an outbreak of Coronavirus. The trainee was hospitalized with symptoms of pneumonia: even if the first tests indicate that it is not the nCoV-2019 virus (Coronavirus), the preventive measure was equally taken, pending a second verification test.

Apple SK Hynix is ??quarantining 800 employees

Although SK Hynix has put 800 employees into a sort of quarantine, asking them not to go to work, limited consequences are expected on current contracts and supplies, including those destined for Apple. The memory builder relies on a workforce of 18,000 people in the Incheon area of ??South Korea. As reported by Reuters, 280 of the 800 employees who have been ordered not to show up for work are trainees who have not yet started working in the production.

104 cases of infected people and even one death were recorded in South Korea. A bulletin far from the Chinese one where the epidemic started and, with tens of thousands of infected and over a thousand deaths, there are heavy repercussions on the entire economy that affect not only Apple but on a global scale.

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