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App Store, real-time monitoring for developers

App Store, real-time monitoring for developers logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple provides developers with more advanced tools to track the trend of their applications on the App Store. According to what MacRumors reports, one of these systems consists of a sort of "probe" which allows the requests and downloads of their programs to be analyzed almost in real time.

Thanks to this initiative, those who write programs for iPod touch and iPhone are much easier for those who offer (or give) programs on the Cupertino store to understand the liking of one of their creations and follow the sales trend. Previously it was necessary to wait for the end of the month to see the detailed report.

The system should allow developers a prompt response on costs and functions, quickly perceiving the mood of end customers.

The tool ended up in the hands of the developers meets only one of the requests made by the community. Among others still on the table: a system for beta testing programs and the possibility of releasing applications quickly, responding quickly to end customer reports.

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