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Angry Birds Space: the new saga will arrive on March 22nd

Who among us does not know the saga of Angry Birds, the brain teaser born from the developers of Rovio way back in 2009 it quickly became one of the leading icons of the Android world. Although initially designed for terminals such as iPhone and iPod-touch, with 12 million copies sold, it has been able to evolve in decidedly short times embracing all sorts of smartphones and tablets up to platforms like PlayStation 3, PSP and Nintendo Wii.

Currently the so-called "contemporary classic" has overcome all sorts of virtual barriers by upgrading to versions such as that for PC, Bada, Social Network and even web browsers (see the example of Chrome), not lacking in numerous acknowledgments and quotes in the most famous TV series. To the point of even attracting the interest of NeilTrevett, vice president of mobile content for Nvidia who suggested a follow-up with better graphics.

An undisputed success in every respect, but which at the same time has also been able to reveal itself as a double-edged sword as, with the growth of the same, also the skepticism that just in recent times seemed to have targeted Rovio, giving up the saga of the birds with golden eggs with the series Angry birds Rio.

The same company proved to be more tenacious than expected and responds to the rumors just mentioned today by announcing the name of the new saga Angry Birds Space and the release date, scheduled for March 22. That the feathers after the well-deserved vacation are even sent to the infinity of the open space? At the moment it seems to be the only sure thing, as Rovio did not want to anticipate anything about it, thus increasing the suspense that already seems to be wandering about this title.

Almost waiting for the first of a film success or the presentation of a new car, all that "gave us to know" at the moment contained in this little video-teaser we're going to show you and in the famous phrase ?Its one small fling for bird, one quantum leap for birdkind?Suitably adapted.

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To you therefore the arduous task of trying to anticipate some indiscretions. What do you think about it? What are your expectations on this? Will it also be a success or a vain attempt to extend the sales of a title already given up? We look forward to your opinions which you can express by commenting on the space below.

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