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Android Tasks app for Xperia Sony Z Ultra and Z1

According to what we learned, we can say that the known devices Sony Xperia Z Ultrais Sony Xperia Z1 are receiving a new application called 'Tasks' which has a really light weight, in fact its only 0.5 MB. The application will be introduced via OTA technology. Tasks, nothing more than an app that gives the possibility to keep a list of commitments and various activities in the style of an electronic agenda.

This well-known application has two fundamental features, namely one through which users can synchronize data with their Google account, in this way they can have everything under control without losing anything, instead the second novelty is that of its graphics that presents itself in styleIce Cream Sandwich'In two colors black and white. It is enough to create an activity, insert a title, a place, a date and a time, and in this way you can order a list. Then at the appointed time, the notification of the event will appear and mark it as performed. So, we can note that this application has been created for all those who intend to manage their daily processes through a simple technological device.

Also, I want to remind all Androidians that Tasks it cannot be downloaded from the Google virtual store, however the user will be able to download the application from the 'Update Center' which can be found on the Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1 devices. In addition, I want to communicate to all users who are in possession of one of these two devices that have an Android operating system, that the 'Tasks' note is not yet expected to arrive in Italy.


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