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Android installation on PC through Genymotion

Thanks to Genymotion you have the possibility of being able to access pre-set 'virtual machines' Android 4.1 related to tablet devices and smartphones. Genymotion based on VirtualBox which gives the opportunity to take advantage of tools suitable for virtualization.

In 2007 Android was born, it was developed by Google as a surrogate to the already existing iOS operating system, which, at that time, made the most of the economic field of mobile devices. As time went by, Android spread on several mobile phones and, at the same time, the virtual shop Google Play offered many applications.

In addition, the Android operating system, thanks to its updates and hardware quality, gives the customer the opportunity to have an excellent product in his hands, plus the buyer has a wide choice of apps and games available thanks to the rich store of Android.

Within this article, we point out software that is useful for installing the Android operating system on your computer or on an X86 tab. Thanks to the installation of Genymotion, you have a tool used to evaluate the functionality of applications without using a mobile device. But, in many applications, there are limits due precisely to the use of a "virtual machine" and also to the lack of hardware peripherals of a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

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