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Android App: EasyGApps to download Google Apps

All those who often delight in installing one ROM, will know that in order to perform this operation, it is necessary to install the GApps, or Google applications, one of the first to be the Android online store.

But often it is difficult to find the GApps, since the generic ones are not always compatible with the different ROMs, the reason that the various developers use a suitable version, but to be able to find them easily, you can download them from ''. So, I understand that they will use the wrong GApps, they may find some defects, however to make things easier, an application was born Android which was called 'EasyGapps'. This Android application was created in Holo theme, therefore very simple for the management of its use and for good navigation. Inside, users can find different types of GApps, among which: PA GApps, Slim GApps, Banks GApps and Official GApps. Furthermore, despite the functionality of the application we are really simple, Google wanted to introduce new options, namely: nine different themes, hardware acceleration, cache cleaning and optimization for smartphones and tablets.

Also for all those interested in GApps, I want to report 'Rootzwiki' which provides a new package for installing GApps for all those custom ROMs that are based on Android 4.1.2.

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