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Amazon hits the target of alliances.

Amazon hits the target of alliances. logomacitynet1200wide 1

In our interview with an important ex-Apple man, now at the top of Amazon, Diego Piacentini, we had touched on the topic of online alliances with Wal-Mart because it was the dominant voice at the time, but the answers were so prudent as to make us understand that negotiations were then on the high seas. Only today, in fact, did the news materialize: " adds another important name to its list of offline partners and announces the plan to open an online store together with Target". that will have, by autumn, a Target department on its site (after those of CircuitCity and Toys 'R' Us) where it will be possible to buy household products, electronics, clothing and jewelry; subsequently, starting from next summer, Target will rely on for the management of orders, e-commerce for the management of its sites and customer care. This is a five-year agreement that will make Amazon earn a share (not well specified) on each product ordered in addition to an annual fixed rate while Target takes advantage of the experience and technologies that Amazon will make available.

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