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Amazon App-Shop: only 6 games for today

The store of Amazon, perhaps in function of the newKindle Fire HD or even for pure and simple advertising, continues with its marketing campaign that offers a notoriously paid application every day, this time for gifts there are 6.

L'Amazon App Shop in fact, and only for today, it offers 6 of the best known games on the landscape in a completely free form, although they are normally paid, among the titles offered there are Akinator The Genie, a game well known for its predictive ability thanks to a pattern of questions articulated to be difficult, if not almost impossible, and other names known as EDGE Extended, Einstein trains the mind HD, CrossMe Color, CubistryeSpectrum Puzzle.

It is an opportunity to obtain a fair number of titles with an important discount, just think of the sum, at full cost, of all the apps if you wanted to download them from Google Play Store, of course, all with great merit from Amazon which in this way optimally advertises its App Shop, certainly less known than the analog of the giant of Mountain Views.

To move on to the download of the applications you can orient yourself at the following link by choosing which ones to obtain, the package is not the only one but composed of individual titles that you can choose whether to install or not, but given the free licenses it is worth trying them all:

– Amazon App Shop

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