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After iMovie and iTunes also iPhoto?

After iMovie and iTunes also iPhoto? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple's next software? Sar iPhoto, an application that will allow you to acquire photographic images from a digital machine, edit and then save them on CD, DVD or the Internet.The news comes, as usual, from sites dedicated to indiscretions. It is not easy to say whether it is a deduction or a "blown" from some half-open Cupertino door, but at first glance it seems rather likely that, however, both Apple is actually working on something similar. main would be in the fact that the puzzle that Apple is trying to compose to make the Mac "the digital hub" is missing an application that is capable of processing images and which is placed next to iTunes (music), iMovie and iDVD (video ) and Disk Burner (storage). Even more stringent would be the fact that in MacOs X 10.1 there will be a module that can instantly recognize the connection of a digital camera that will be treated as a sort of external HD. The consequence of such a choice can only be the launch of an application that deals with treating the images acquired by the machine. According to the sites dedicated to rumors this application would be able to do everything essential in the treatment of the image, retouching , special effects, add frames.Bench is certainly an interesting product for end users, not all the IT landscape would be happy with this choice of apple. For example, ThinkSecrets assumes that Adobe would be looking at iPhoto with concern, considering it a threat to PhotoShop Elements, a low-cost suite of photo editing tools derived from PhotoShop for the consumer market. In the past, Apple and Adobe have had opportunities to fight over choices Cupertino in the software field. This is the case, for example, of FinalCut which took the market away from Premiere; in this case the problems could be potentially even more serious since Apple would be willing to give iPhoto.

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