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Active Notify: Moto X's Active Display for everyone from XDA …

Within the success that marked the arrival on the market of Motorola Moto Xcertainly stand out many software features introduced by the US company for its most representative model and among these theActive Display certainly one of the best you can.

Just from the latter have arisen in the last month many applications that, within the Google Play Store, have tried to emulate this functionality by making it available to any devices, albeit with poor results, at least until the arrival of XDA Developers with its Active Notify. The application, unfortunately still in the Beta phase only, seems to be very promising, not only thanks to the excellent development work but also for the completeness in terms of functionality implemented, such as, for example, support for third-party apps, adaptability also to tablets and a wide range of customizations such as the choice of profile photo via Gallery, in addition to adjusting brightness.

Another strong point is the gesture, decidedly well designed and integrated and all despite the XDA team has announced the arrival, in a very short time, of further updates to make it even more complete. We advise you, if you try to make your device similar to the Moto X, to install and try Active Notify, visible in a preview video provided by the developers and reachable at the link below, where you can also digest the Google Play Store for the download:

– Active Notify

– Active Notify [Video]

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