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AAPL, weakness continues

AAPL, weakness continues logomacitynet1200wide 1

Slight recovery for the AAPL stock, yesterday Cupertino's shares made a slight progress, returning above the $ 18.50 share threshold. The highlight was in any case minimal and not sufficient to raise the dust where the stock prices have fallen since the end of the MacWorld Expo. A little more than $ 18 and a half AAPL in fact remains far from the records of the last half year and is now sailing on positions of rear guards only touched during the past March, long before the launch of the new iBook was announced, what determines this stalemate easy to say. Markets over the past few days have shown a marked distrust in hardware companies; the negative sentiment generated by news of staff cuts in large companies (such as Lucent and HP) and the belief that the IT crisis is still far from over. As for Apple, as repeated several times, we also add the belief that this quarter will not generate large profits, on the contrary that there are risks of a slide even if certainly not of cyclopean proportions, which could close the balance In the end of MacWorld many financial analysts had pointed out that Apple, having not presented particularly aggressive new consumer products, would have paid duty in the ninety days of this quarter. Opinion also confirmed by the cautious, but rather clear, statements of Fred Anderson, head of financial operations of Cupertino according to which no miracles could be expected from the financial statements of this quarter.

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