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A name for a successful product

A name for a successful product logomacitynet1200wide 1

IEEE 1394 a success from the point of view of diffusion, but the confusion that reigns over the way in which it was proposed to the market slows down its impact on the marketing level. How to strengthen its image and, above all, the name in the mind of consumers? This is one of the many topics that are being discussed in Redmond, where the annual IEEE 1394 developer conference, or FireWire, started at the Microsoft headquarters , as is known the standard in the Mac world or iLink, as it is called in the consumer electronics sector and in particular by Sony. Just the fact that Sony and Apple, the two major protagonists of the diffusion of the standard, call IEEE 1394 in different ways at the origin of the debate mentioned above. According to most industry experts and those involved in its dissemination (such as James Snider and the consortium president) believe that a unification of brands and logos is urgently needed. All the more so as, as FireWire takes hold, new logos and new names arise to describe the same technology. "The results that people – Snider says – wonders if it is a single standard or several standards and does not understand if the various peripherals and digital devices are able to operate with each other" At the moment the consortium stalled on the 'topic. In fact, there are no resources necessary to advertise a logo as Apple and Sony are able to and that in turn do not want to give up FireWire and iLink. The most likely hypothesis is that the members of the association that brings together the promoters of the standard choose to use a "badge" that identifies the products that can interoperate alongside the various brands that manufacturers will use. In this way on the peripheral box, cameras etc. etc. a recognizable symbol will appear.

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