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3 Australia launches an "unofficial" offer for iPhone

If the iPhone doesn't come to you, you go to the iPhone. Here is the philosophy that Tre Australia has decided to follow in order to offer its customers the Apple phone. After trying in every way, including a blog with the voice of "ordinary people", to convince Apple to deliver the device to be included in its offer without being able to do it, Hutchinson's mobile operator Whampoa circumvents the obstacle and itself hunts for those who have already bought a phone from its competitors Optus, Vodafone and Telstra, the three mobile operators that officially market iPhones.

The simple but, at first glance, effective idea: starting from August 4, all unlocked iPhone 3G users who will pass to the Australian operator 3 will immediately be entitled to an initial traffic credit of $ 300 (henceforth always understood Australians), equal to about 180 euros. The most interesting detail is represented by the monthly subscriptions, also for the duration of two years, which offer substantial volumes of phone calls, SMS and data traffic at attractive prices. The most affordable offer is the one that provides a monthly fee of 49 dollars (about 30 euros) to get a value of 350 dollars in calls and SMS, a value of 240 dollars equal to 300 minutes for real users 3 and 1 GB of data.

The same formula is valid for higher subscription plans, except of course higher portions of phone calls and data traffic, here they are in summary: $ 69 a month (about ? 40) for $ 650 in calls and SMS, plus a value of $ 350 equal to 500 minutes of free calls to 3 and 2 GB of data; $ 99 monthly fee (about 59 euros) to get $ 1000 in calls and SMS, 2,500 minutes of calls to 3 and 2 GB of data; fee of $ 129 ($ 78) for $ 1,200 in calls and 2,500 minutes to 3 and 2 GB of data; 149 dollars per month (about 90 euros) for a value of 1600 dollars in calls, 2500 minutes towards 3 and 2 GB of data; finally 199 dollars per month (about 120 euros) for a value of 2000 dollars in calls, 3000 minutes towards 3 and 2 GB of data.

In practice, in addition to the official offers of the three operators that market iPhone 3G in Australia, all owners of the Apple smartphone will have a fourth alternative as long as they unlock iPhone, in a more or less contractual way. For example, with the operator Optus iPhone it can be unlocked at any time by paying $ 80, or for free after 6 months of subscription. As regards the 3 Australia offer, the initial credit of 300 dollars, equal to about 180 euros, seems to be included in the offer to reimburse users in the form of calls and traffic, who will have to pay a penalty to terminate the contract early biennial with the original operator.

Even before the launch, the characteristics and the target audience of the iPhone 3G suggested a high compatibility between the Apple smartphone and the H3G multination. In fact, the operator has always been at the forefront as regards 3G network technologies, finally he has always based his commercial offer on high-end phones and smartphones made more attractive to users thanks to subsidized prices in exchange for minimum monthly traffic quotas or multi-year subscriptions.

Recall that even the Italian branch of 3 has never concealed its interest in the iPhone using the stick and carrot; first by threatening the appeal to the antitrust, then declaring itself available to any commercial proposal from Apple. Now, at least according to Novari's words, a crack would have opened; and in the fall, always according to what was declared by the CEO, iPhone also arrive in the offer of Tre but if the picture should not be composed certainly the original idea of ??Tre Australia could be a good example to follow: offer a discount on credit telephone and an ad hoc plan for iPhone in Italy even simpler and more efficient than in Australia.

Not only in our country there are tens of thousands of iPhones in circulation free from any constraint for the different commercial policies of Apple that offers the mobile phone without operator lock, but also those that are sold by Vodafone and Tim mobile operators with a contract are. To bring a customer with iPhones purchased at full price on the Tre network, a more generous data plan than that of official operators specifically dedicated to iPhone owners would be enough; for the latter it would perhaps be sufficient to offer an incentive in the form of call bonuses equal to the cost of the penalty of exit from the contract, in addition to a data and captivating voice bundle.

All this, if Tre Italia is really interested in the customers of the Mela mobile phone, it seems not at all impossible, both from a technical point of view and from that of the economic return.