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YouTube: new UI and all the news of the update [Download]

In the last hours Google has started distributing the update to release 5.0.21 of YouTube, the only app from the collection of the Mountain Views giant that had not yet been updated to the new graphical interface.

The novelties for not seem to stop only at the UI but extend to various features that completely re-edit the application and greatly improve the user experience, with a result that, not only from an aesthetic point of view, is very close to that achieved with Google Now, and among these stand out: the new navigation bar with Navigation Drawer, video preview with the possibility of searching without interrupting video playback, insertion in the search parameters of the Playlists in addition to the abolition of the automatic rotation mode, the latter to be started using the appropriate keys inserted in the right corner at the bottom of the screen, and and finally the user interface update of the TV function.

The update for the Youtube app being released with gradual times via the Google Play Store and then it could take days before your device signals the new release, if you don't want to wait any longer by starting immediately to discover all the features contained in the new version, you can download theapk directly from the links proposed below:

– Youtube5.0.21 [Google Play Store]

– Youtube5.0.21 [Download 1]

– Youtube5.0.21 [Download 2]

– Youtube5.0.21 [Download 3]

– Youtube5.0.21 [Download 4]

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