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Work and have fun at home with Mac and Frank

Frank, defined by the manufacturer Della Chiara as "the office corner in the house that harmonizes with any furniture" consisting of a solid steel structure. The top made with a methacrylate plate, curved and punched to allow the housing of the computer. The lighting bar suspended in an optimal position above the screen to avoid annoying reflections on the operator. can be equipped with sheet shelves, in metal or methacrylate, and with printer support. The perforated element designed to fix additional shelves. The entire structure available both in fixed version and on wheels, to allow easy movement.

Frank has the structure in molded steel strip, painted with epoxy powders in an aluminum finish. A sheet of transparent methacrylate, 8 mm thick, prepared for housing the computer. available in two versions, fixed or mounted on wheels: the feet are protected by a reinforced nylon washer 80 mm; the wheels, equipped with a brake and covered in reinforced nylon with a tread that leaves no traces on the floor, have a load capacity of 130 kg.

The available colors that you see represented in the photos below are Blue, Orange, White, Aqua green, Red. It perfectly suits both Desktop and Laptops in any combination of color and finish.

For more information on prices, configurations and availability, you can consult the manufacturer directly using the form on the Della Chiara website.