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WordPress arrives on the App Store for iPhone

After the preview announcement, finally, to the delight of bloggers, the official WordPress application arrives on the App Store, now the most popular blogging platform on the net, free and easy to use.

The iPhone program may still appear a little budding, but it already implements all the main features. It will thus be possible to insert all your blogs into the login page in the menu, then access the main posts to be able to read or even edit them, as well as the drafts folder.

You can then write a new post, using a predefined template that includes title, labels, categories, and the body of the text, without formatting options. It will then be possible to insert – even if only at the bottom of the post – an image (by shooting it live or taking it from the iPhone library) and choose whether to publish the post, save it or establish a scheduled publication.

Finally, the options will be available to preview the post just written and modify the settings of the application. By pulling the sums WordPress, an application that is still young, which does not know how to offer all the options of the counterpart on a computer, but is already capable of performing the basic functions of mobile blogging. Certainly there are ripening times and the next updates will bring interesting improvements.Wordpress available for free on the App Store, also starting from this link.