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ViaVoice in Italian, still not

ViaVoice in Italian, still not logomacitynet1200wide 1

?ViaVoice for Mac in Italian? We are evaluating the possibility, but at the moment there are no precise plans, no dates, no certainties ". The response from the marketing manager of IBM's speech recognition products was cautious, but the fact that it is the same one that we received last year in New York and then in San Francisco certainly does not raise great hopes for the conversion of our popular software language to our language. "The problem we have to ask ourselves when it comes to locating a product is the target market we want to achieve and the possibility of recovering the investment – they explained to us at the IBM stand – in the case of ViaVoice we are faced with a very complex in which localization does not mean translation of some menu but of a complex engineering at the deep level of the system ". "But do not use libraries already present in the Windows version – we asked – that already exists in Italian". "The Mac version rests only minimally on the architecture for Windows – it was clarified – to make a simpler Italian version of ViaVoice for Mac starting from the American English version. And this is still very complex. ?IBM does not, however, rule out any future possibility. ?From the data in our possession, we know that at the moment a version in your language would not be economically viable, but not necessarily that it will not become so in the near future. The evaluation of market data in our division continues; we don't make annual or semi-annual business plans. "

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