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Vaja, new accessories for MacBook Air and iPhone 3G coming soon

Vaja presents other new gadgets for Apple devices. In the specific case it is a cover for the new iPhone 3G, a case and a bag for the MacBook Air.


ivolution CrystalThe Crystals for MacBook Air a sort of ?second skin for the Apple laptop; the cover perfectly surrounds the very thin laptop, allowing full use without the need to remove the laptop. Stylistically the Crystal made of leather decorated with mentioned motifs. in addition to having a series of Swarovski crystals set on the front; perhaps a slightly tacky but particular aspect. The cost is certainly not the cheapest: 460 dollars for the purchase.


ivolution Attache GTThe Attache GT is also very interesting; in this case it is a real bag, which not only allows the protection of the Apple laptop, but also allows the transport of accessories in all its order. Elegant both inside and outside, the Attache GT also in this case the not indifferent cost: the necessary cost of 650 dollars.


ivolution for iPhone 3GThe revolution also comes for the iPhone 3G: in this case it is a very simple cover, which allows quick access to every interface of the mobile phone, including the camera, function keys, connection ports and access to the SIM card. Completely handmade, the ivolution for the new iPhone 3G has a cost of $ 85.

Vaja products are available directly on the official website of the Argentine manufacturer.