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USBfever, 4 new accessories for iPhone 3G

USBfever also joins the circle of companies ready to take advantage of the iPhone 3G phenomenon. So here comes the first three accessories for the second generation of the Apple mobile phone.


Let's start with the Phone 3G Armband & Sport Case ($ 14), the sports cover par excellence combined with an arm band; an ideal accessory for all those who intend to play sports or sports activities with their mobile phone, without sacrificing protection and practicality. Thanks to the protective screen it will still be possible to control the touch screen functions.


We continue with the Phone 3G Crystal case ($ 17), a classic cover with a floral pattern; the ideal accessory to give a touch of fantasy to your iPhone, maintaining security and protection for your device, as well as access to all connection ports and control buttons.


We conclude with the iPhone 3G back cover ($ 10), an essential and minimal accessory, which is concerned with protecting the back of the mobile phone and increasing the grip on the device, leaving all mechanical functionality of the iPhone completely free.


We also highlight the super offer of USBfever, which offers the dock / USB cable to synchronize and charge iPhone and iPod, available in black or white, at 0.01 cents of a dollar.

For those interested, we recommend visiting the official USBfever website.