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Update for Imo and Action Launcher Pro

Today we report to all Androidian users the update of two well-known applications on the Android operating system.

The first app that received the update 'Action Launcher Pro'which is updated to version 1.9.1, among the new features that it has introduced, we can find interesting features that is: the code for Android has been updated to version 4.3, numerous bugs that users have encountered with the previous version have been resolved, with this update, everyone will have the possibility to change a single icon, and also improvements have been made to performance in general. The launcher has been updated so that it can support the latest version of Android.

Anyone wishing to update Action Launcher Pro can do so from Play Store. In addition, another update was also made, namely that for 'Imo?, A well-known app with which you can send instant messages. In the last few hours, the developers of this application have decided to release the new update 3.8, an app that has introduced a single novelty, i.e. all users who have an Android operating system device, will be able to make video calls with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity modes, in this way the app will be more complete.

Imo 3.8 can also be updated via the Android online store.

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