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Update for 88sms and Now sms

Today I want to report to all users with Android operating system devices, the update of two apps that you can find in the Android virtual store, namely: '88sms' is 'Now sms'. As for the first service, we can say that it is a messaging app, with its new update several innovations and functions have been introduced.

In fact, the developer of '88sms' has recently released the update, which introduced the possibility of being able to use the stand-alone app, that is, without the default application of messages. Besides that, the developer also decided to correct the numerous bugs that users with the previous version have found, the graphics have also undergone changes. For all those who wish to download the update, they can do so via PlayStore under the heading: '88ms'. Furthermore, referring to ?Now sms?, we can say that this app dedicated to sms too.

This application, present on Play Store, was created by a team of Italian developers who recently released a recent update. in this update, we can see the introduction of MMS support. Also for this service, various bugs have been fixed. In order to update the new version of 'Now sms', you can do it from the Play Store by clicking on the 'Now sms' item.

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