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To have a 1 GHz Mac (at your own risk)

To have a 1 GHz Mac (at your risk) logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Megahertz myth struggles to fade into thin air, despite the efforts of Jobs and Rubinstein. The proof in the constant reference that Mac users continue to see in the GHz milestone and the obstinacy with which they try to pursue it. To try and do it first the usual Japanese or, better, the usual Bekkoame, since the dawn of time a reckless experimenter of This time the Mac enthusiast of the rising sun succeeded in a historic feat, not only reaching but also exceeding GHz. Armed with a soldering iron and a good dose of courage, Bekkoame unsoldered jumpers on the motherboard, resoldering them with a different configuration. . The result was a Mac originally at 867 MHz projected beyond the GHz threshold and landed at 1.067 GHz. Some experiments have shown that the machine continues to remain stable even with the motherboard so modified with the only problem of a moderate increase in overheating. The bench tests carried out have, in any case, shown that just all the wrong Jobs and Rubinstein did not have them when they talked about the myth of speed. Although the clock speed increase is in the order of 15%, performance has only increased by 12%, proving that not always at a higher Hertz frequency does the same increase in performance. Indeed, the higher the nominal speed the more difficult to increase performance "in the field". Anyone wishing to try on their own to implement the same operation carried out by Bekkoame must be aware that, in addition to a non-decisive increase in performance, there is the risk of destroy the Mac. Desoldering and resoldering the jumpers is not something everyone can do, despite the detailed instructions posted on the site, and making mistakes means frying the processor relentlessly. Needless to say, it will not be possible to ask for a warranty replacement.

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