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TIPS: Let's discover ALT, the magical button that reveals new menus on Mac OS X!


Today I offer you something new in the Mac OS X world and in particular the different menu variants when the Alt key is pressed

You never stop learning! Maybe this will be the philosophy of Apple's engineers when they create "The most advanced operating system in the world". Even we users will never stop learning or better to know OS X in a completely in-depth way.

You know the buttonalt? Many would answer that they know this key and often use it to select the Boot Camp partition at boot time to boot a Windows operating system!

For those unfamiliar with the Alt key, I just wanted to share that in addition to the function of selecting the partition Boot Campne has many, many others related to the display of additional items in the men!

I want to cite some examples to show you what Apple hides under the "usual" user interface and then let you "tweak" the entire system giving vent to all your creativity.

Try to open an image with Preview and then save it "with name", choose the extension by holding down Alt and simultaneously click and you will see appear new image formats.

Go to the main bar of OS X, the gray one located at the top and always visible, now try to click and hold Alt on the WiFi icon and you will see new items showing technical information relative to the WiFi network to which we are connected.

I wanted to propose to use the comments of this post to share all the hidden functions of the Alt command, who finds some can share it with Your LifeUpdated!

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