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'The Tweet Hereafter' documents the latest tweets of the deceased

Social media has changed our lives to a large extent, but now social media is slowly also entering our afterlife. That's how,

Tweet Hereafter a web service that documents the last words (tweets) of famous and famous personalities who are no longer with us.

To help you understand better, here is an example (hypothetical but frightening)

Imagine yourself tweeting and walking down the lane and suddenly a car hits you and you die just after pressing the tweet button, you're gone but your tweets will stay and your last tweet will definitely be your last word.

If you are famous enough at the time of death, your latest social media activities, your final tweets will be published and remembered as your last word, regardless of what you wrote there because you never knew you were going to die, right?

This is the basic idea on which The Tweet Hereafter was built.

Jamie Forrest and Michael McWatters have been working on this project for a year and only launched it yesterday.

This idea clicked on them when they discussed an accident with one of their friends, who tweeted something angrily and took a walk and later died of a heart attack.

Since the last year or so, they have collected the latest tweets from famous people and now that they have launched, you can check it out.

Here is the link, The Tweet Hereafter.

A small suggestion on my side would be that, it should be made open to everyone so that people from all over the world can store and publish the last memories of their loved ones in the form of their latest tweets.