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The TCL prototype with extendable screen makes the leaflets pale

It does not often happen to be able to observe a constructive and design solution that detaches itself from the chorus: this is certainly the case of the TCL prototype with extendable and sliding screen, a terminal that finally offers a completely different approach from all the Android folding smartphones seen so far. Different from both first generation ones like Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X with book closure, or second generation ones like Motorla RAZR and Galaxy Z Flip with clamshell chassis.

Looking at the front, the extendable TCL prototype seems indistinguishable or almost from a traditional smartphone: it does not open like a book and the main side entirely occupied by a single screen, with the only exception of the hole in the upper right corner which houses the dual front camera. Instead looking at the back of the terminal you can see the concentration of the cameras along the left edge, including a notch in the chassis that runs the entire height of the device.

The TCL prototype with extendable screen makes the leaflets pale

When closed, the smartphone has the dimensions of a traditional terminal, but when the user wants a larger screen, he can slide a part of the chassis to extract another portion of the screen hidden and rolled inside, in this way revealing the true nature of the extendable TCL prototype . In this article we report two images of the extendable TCL prototype published by Cnet. The manufacturer had scheduled the first live demonstration at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2020, an event canceled due to fears of Coronavirus. At the time of writing, TCL has not confirmed or denied the images of the renderings published on the net.

This is a completely different approach from what has been seen so far in folding smartphones, perhaps even able to reduce or eliminate problems and defects that have emerged so far. In any case, before being able to affirm it with certainty, it is necessary to wait for the manufacturer to show it to the public or, better still, start marketing it in order to be able to subject it to more detailed tests and use.

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