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The iPhone applications are 1,001

Who did not believe it, who believed that it was just a question of interface, sensors, accelerometers and Gps and Umts … Well, now you are beginning to change your mind.

The iPhone, as the good New York Times Pogue said, first of all a platform, in the run of Mac Os X and Windows. And unlike the others, like Symbian etc.

The data derives from the unusual speed with which the symbolic threshold of 1000 applications has been cut: a few weeks from launch, leaving the various competing platforms in the dust (because despite what we mean, there are not as many applications for the same firmware version of Windows MObile and NOkia) with the exception of the Rim BlackBerry. And soon that too …

The real killer application, therefore, the one that can make the difference, is called the App Store and is producing its results. Despite the controversies, the undervaluations, the alarms of "closed platform" and "too much control" from Apple shouted by many Cassandre, in reality the App Store works and its fuel, the intelligence of the creatives and innovators of the network who have downloaded Apple's SDK burns to hundreds and hundreds of octane. A show.