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The iPhone 9 on video is beautiful but the details are not convincing

For the first time the alleged iPhone 9 appears on video (iPhone SE 2), a short movie that we report in this article in which a possible new model of Apple smartphone is shown.

From months innumerable advances indicate that Cupertino will launch a new cheap iPhone, perhaps in an Apple keynote of March 31, with probably slightly delayed deliveries for the effects of Coronavirus: now for the first time the alleged iPhone 9 is shown on video, this is the name of the low cost terminal that many also refer to as iPhone SE 2.

LiPhone 9 in video nice pity it's fake

The short movie was initially published on TikTok, one of the most popular social networks by young users, then taken up and circulating also on Twitter. In the first few moments it is possible to observe the front, with wide edges at the top and bottom and also the Home button with Touch ID fingerprint sensor. So far the details correspond with what has emerged so far.

Unfortunately for the matches they end here because the alleged iPhone 9 in video shows squared profiles all around the perimeter, including the corners, even these more squared than seen in the last generations of iPhones. The more marked lines recall the design that Apple has used for iPhone 4.

LiPhone 9 in video nice pity it's fake

So far for all the advances they indicate for iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 a design very similar, if not identical, to that of iPhone 8, terminal with edges, profiles and corners much more rounded than what is seen in the alleged video iPhone 9. Being of an inexpensive terminal, with an expected price of $ 399, it is unlikely that Apple will devote time and resources to designing a whole new design for iPhone 9.

instead much more likely that Cupertino follows the same strategy already successfully used for the first iPhone SE, that is to say chassis of a super tested model, then it was practically identical to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, but with more recent hardware components.

So instead of the possible iPhone 9 in video it could be an Android modified ad hoc, or an iPhone of some previous generation whose original chassis has been removed to replace it with one of the custom ones that circulate numerous on the component market. The impression that the author of the prototype in the video has confused the anticipations of the iPhone 9 with those of the next iPhone 12 expected in September, these with a design anticipated several times as similar to the square one of iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and also in line with that of the iPad Pro.