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Siri on iOS 13.4, via voice command it is now possible to return to the home screen

Apple has released in the past few hours the second beta version of iOS and iPadOS 13.4 in addition to the beta of tvOS 13.4, macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and watchOS 6.2. There are several news that Apple is testing in these new ones "major release" which will be released publicly in a few weeks.

One of these concerns the assistant Siri who now also allows you to return to the home screen through a voice command, which is not possible to date and which could be very useful on certain occasions.

  • "Hey Siri, take me back to the main screen (or home)"
  • "Hey Siri, go to the main screen"
  • "Hey Siri, main screen"

iOS 13.4 also offers a new accessibility option which allows iPhone to respond to the phrase "Hey Siri" even when it is facing down or locked.

Other noteworthy innovations include iCloud Folder Sharing, universal iOS / macOS purchases, a new toolbar in the mails and unpublished memoji stickers. In addition, in iOS 13.4 beta, the existence of a new API, called CarKey, was discovered, probably one of the next features Apple is working on