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Samsung KNOX: Korean solution for data security is official

As we had revealed about some technical characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Korean giant made the well-known service official at the IFA event Samsung KNOX, a new cutting-edge security system for the processing of personal data.

More than a simple application, the service is proposed as a real micro-ecosystem for managing multi-user mode, better specified as a dual-mode, to separate the device from home and therefore personal use from work, thanks to a specific file encryption system that, in addition to protecting our data from unwanted physical access, such as a work colleague, performs the same for virtual access, such as viruses and malware, guaranteeing the privacy of the owner of the device in question.

The solution as well as for personal devices also designed for purely business use, therefore linked to companies that want a safe and reliable system to which to entrust the secrets of their work, on the basis that today's data are the key to everything. The new Samsung KNOX, as the company has specified, will soon be marketed worldwide, also thanks to the certified approval of the Defense Department, which tested its operation on some devices Samsung enabled.

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