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Samsung Galaxy Nexus: guide to updating to Android 4.0.4

As happened a few days ago for the Nexus S, now also for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the time has come to receive theICS 4.0.4 update.

Via OTA not yet available, in fact we have to wait a few more days, but for those who are more enterprising they can perform theupdate manually. Below, you will find all the information to bring the new version ofAndroid on your smartphone.

We would like to remind you that the guide is for informational purposes only, and we assume no responsibility for damage that could be caused to your device in the event of errors or distractions during the update.


  • Own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android version 4.0.2;
  • Having USB Debug activated from the settings;
  • The Android SDK, especially the ADB (Windows link, Linux link);

Method :

  1. Download the file containing Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 from this link;
  2. Connect the smartphone to the computer and copy the .zip file to the phone memory, if instead you downloaded the file directly from the terminal copy it to the sd card with a file manager;
  3. Open a command or terminal window in the same folder where ADB is installed;
  4. Type "Adb devices" and check that your smartphone appears in the list;
  5. Type "Adb shell" and press enter, then "up" and finally enter again;
  6. Now write completely the code "cp /sdcard/ /cache/";
  7. Type "Exit" and press enter. Do it once again and then remove the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the USB cable and turn it off;
  8. Now press the VolumeUp, VolumeDown and Power keys together to enter Bootloader mode;
  9. Press volume Down twice;
  10. Press the Power button to access the stock recovery;
  11. Move with the volume keys and choose an option with the Power button, then select "Apply Update";
  12. Once the process is finished, restart the phone.

The update finished, have fun!

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