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Rogers Wireless spent $ 150 million on iPhones

Rogers Wireless, spent $ 150 million on iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

The announcement of the iPhone in Canada has caused a real upheaval in the telephony world of the North American country. To trace the boundaries of the impact that Apple's mobile phone had on the sales horizon was Nadir Mohammed, CEO of Rogers Wireless, the mobile operator that sells iPhones in Canada.

During the presentation of the tax results on Tuesday as Electronista tells it, the CEO, for example, announced that on the day in April his company made it known that it had an agreement with Apple for iPhone, the sales of all other phones have frozen. The "nailed wheel" braking slowly eased, but the number of customers who have turned to competing products with the iPhone has been much reduced to the point of having forced Nokia and Rogers to reduce the cost of the N95 to $ 200 to try to stimulate sales.

Mohammed later revealed that his company did not think he would be able to sell iPhones later this year. This statement perhaps suggests that Apple itself has changed the launch plans or that, perhaps, these plans were so secret as to be unknown even to possible partners … A second aspect of a certain interest in the subsidy costs that would be the highest ever applied by Rogers "despite this, the proposed model is extremely interesting – said the CEO of Rogers – and such as to allow the initial subsidy costs to be recovered thanks to the contracts stipulated".

Rogers would have an agreement with Apple to purchase iPhones worth 150 million Canadian dollars, about 93 million euros, but the Canadian company would be ready to spend others to buy others.

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