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Rim, the iPhone competitor on October 8?

Will Thunder, the all-touch phone that should be the answer to iPhone, be presented on October 8th? According to Fudzilla, a site that in the past has proven to guess some predictions, the date would be the desired one even if there would be many variables in the field. Verizon, who should have obtained the exclusivity of the model, at the moment would have some doubts that it would be up to Rim to dissolve.

As known, Thunder is known in the labs of the Canadian company such as Ak, Apple Killer, and this should be his task, to defeat Cupertino and his iPhone. To achieve this, the phone of the Lazaridis company, in addition to the touch screen, would field an alliance with RealNetworks for a store from which to buy music on the wireless network, a 3.2 megapixel camera, expandable memory with MicroSD cards .

Despite this, after the first enthusiasm, many observers are beginning to raise doubts about the actual ability of such a product to affect the visibility of the iPhone and the credit of the iPhone to customers. The timing of the launch (October) could bring Rim dangerously not too far from the launch of new iPhone models or, if nothing else, a lowering of the price. On the other hand, the first images escaped from the shirts of Rim would reveal a device that borrows many of the lessons imparted by the iPhone, but does not go further in terms of innovation.