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Retail Stores reach 5.

The Apple store in Schaumburg, Illinois, last Saturday, the fifth in the series, opened its doors with the now usual clamor.

The next opening is that of the weekend to come and will concern the Northshore Mall in Peabody, Massachusetts, or the suburbs to the north east of Boston but probably should serve the whole of New England (Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts) while, in the not very future far, Apple could be pictured directly in downtown Chicago.

By now, contrary to what you might trivially think, the opening of new Apple stores (all substantially the same in style, location and range of products sold) continues to be extremely successful and, to see the line of customers (c 'who says 1000 from the early hours of the morning … all honored with T-shirts) in the latter shop, you can safely assign the cockade to the first place, in a hypothetical ranking of popularity.

However the evolution continues: Apple wanted to ask its customers how they could improve the Retail Stores and Jerry MacDougal, director of Apple's merchandising, communicates that now 550 software can be found on the shelves of open stores (almost a doubling, in the face those who continue to insinuate that there is no software for Mac!) and soon new models of printers and scanners will arrive.

In the present store, in addition to about 30 Macs, there is also a Sony TV connected to a normal DVD player, so anyone can churn out a DVD from a Mac with a suitable burner and then see the finished product as if it were at home.

What was the shop manager's last suggestion to shop assistants? "Enjoy the day, enjoy your work and enjoy serving customers."

While we await confirmation regarding the hypothesized (by the French) landing of Apple Stores in Europe, it seems that the opening of the store (flag bearer) in Soho-Manhattan, New York City cannot possibly (we have seen it with our eyes still in arrears progress) before the next spring.

Opening photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6, 7, 8.