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Real Football 2012: free football according to Gameloft

Lovers of football, you have a game on yours Android where to be able vent your passion? Almost certainly yes, but you had to shell out a few euros to take possession of the title. The best, in fact, are almost all paid! Gameloft, however, has decided to put on the market a title that cannot be installed, not only thanks to its graphics and its playability, but also for the price: Real Football 2012 free!

After downloading, as usually happens with games Gameloft, you will need to install someadditional data: the beauty of 482.10 mb. Will it be worth it? Already the developer who created this title makes us understand that it is almost certainly a game of quality. Let's start by saying that the style of the game is very simple and not comparable with the titles that, instead, offer real simulations.

Anyway, for, the playability it is exceptional thanks to the simple controls offered on the screen. Real Football 2012it even allows you to play the game just proposed in television. So, if you don't like a result, you will have the opportunity to relive the meeting from your own device of the green robot! The title can entertain even while waiting, proposing some anecdotes about the players.

In this game, however, there are not only qualities, but also gods defects. As we have already pointed out to you,Real Football 2012 free, but inside there will be some paid packages. If you want to use them you will have to use virtual banknotes and, to get them, you will need yours EUR!

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