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Purebuds, the earbuds that respect your eardrums


One of the problems related to personal listening via headphones, which is beyond the purely musical aspects, the possible acoustic damage that loud music could cause to our ear, in some cases even irreversible. For this reason, many devices, such as iPod or iPhone, have a volume limiter.

Further help for those concerned about their hearing abilities comes from Amazing Tech Products, which recently presented its Purebuds, earphones equipped with "Reverse Sound Technology" which should preserve the health of the inner ear.

Thanks to this technology, the sound is directed in the opposite direction to that of the eardrum, to then be rebounded towards it by the body of the earpiece, thus preventing excessive direct stress from the eardrum.With Purebuds, it is then possible to use between different types of ends (included in the package), designed to increase the bass, enhance the surround effect or amplify the entire acoustic spectrum.

Obviously compatible with all Apple devices (and not) equipped with a 3.5mm jack, the Purebuds are seen directly on the official website of Amazing Tech Products at a cost of 49 dollars; in addition to the earphones in the package there is a protective case.