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Play Store: zZzAlarm customizable alarm clock

Many users complain that the alarm clock pre-installed on their smartphone works and therefore seek an alternative. And for this I want to report you 'zZzAlarm?, An alarm clock made by the developer zer0lab. Thanks to zZzAlarm all Android users will be able to customize their alarm clock in every detail. In fact, for your morning alarm, you can set a video or song on YouTube of your choice on zZzAlarm. In addition, you can select any part of the video you prefer, and then set it as a ringtone.

Beyond that, zZzAlarm, able to control the weather, in this way, the user can wake up when and how he wants. In fact, with a special mode, the alarm will only ring with specifications weather conditions. Furthermore, it will be possible to listen to a specific ringtone associated with a weather condition. Or, with zZzAlarm, you can be woken up with your horoscope, with this nice feature, you can immediately discover what your day will be like.

Still, you will have the opportunity to wake up with a proverb, in fact, by activating the right plugin, you will have a proverb at each alarm, or a position of the Kamasutra or even, the phrase of a fortune cookie. Besides these nice plugins, you can still customize yours Wake Up, even with a personalized stop, in fact, to avoid stopping the alarm by mistake, there is another plugin, in fact with zZzAlarm, you can decide when to make the stop button appear. Moreover, wake up with voice commands, in fact a word or phrase of your choice is enough, which will serve to stop or delay the alarm. In addition, there is also a talking alarm clock, thanks to this mode, any information that the alarm clock shows can be read automatically.

You can customize it with specific phrases, or have your horoscope, weather or time read. In addition, with voice notes you can talk to the alarm clock and tell her which note and when to remember it, so you no longer have to worry about remembering cookies in the oven or appointments.


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