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PhoneSpy Secret Camera: Anti Spy App!

There are many devices, of users Android, which contain confidential information that you sometimes don't want to share. But, very often, mobile devices are spied on without us noticing. So to avoid this type of problem, every Android user has the possibility of being able to set a lock code, which will allow you to protect yourself from snooping.

From today, all those who own an Android smartphone will be able to download a new application for free from the Play Store, which is called: 'PhoneSpy Secret Camera'. This innovative app really useful and simple in its use. The goal of PhoneSpy Secret Camera is to take a photograph of the attacker trying to unlock the Android mobile device. The front camera will activate when the nosy finger who wants to spy on private information will pass on the smartphone display, taking a photo that will immortalize his face.

Users will find in the gallery of the device, the photos that are taken of all the people who wanted to spy on their device. In addition, the scatter photo app also to you when you try to unload the device. The moment PhoneSpy is downloaded, you will have to activate it and do it all alone in silent mode. Furthermore, from the interface, it will be possible to delete all the photos that were taken at the nose. I remind all users that this application only works with Android smartphones that mount a front camera.


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