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PayPal updates apps for Android and iOS

From what we have learned, we can say that PayPal has recently updated the mobile apps, has introduced innovative features for the payment of purchases. The availability of the update provided for Android devices and iOS.

As for the appthese become mobile digital wallets, in fact all users will have the opportunity to use discounts and coupons, they will be able to pay in shops and be able to make purchases or orders in the premises that have joined the initiative. In addition, the company has given other opportunities to users, such as opening a credit line and obtaining financing with the well-known 'Bill Me Later' service. Indeed, thanks to the use of a smartphone, payment transactions will be really simplified. Furthermore, with the new apps, PayPal has decided to improve the user experience, in this way the purchase procedure will be facilitated.

These apps will give users the ability to make payments, be able to send or receive money, and track their purchases. The moment the app is launched, the user will be able to notice a list of businesses that are located nearby. Furthermore, if you decide to perform a 'check-in', the application will ask the user to enter a PIN, in this way a wallet will be unlocked. Therefore, the shop assistant will be able to identify the user through the photo displayed by the POS, in this way the payment can be confirmed. In addition, based on the geographical position, the app will be able to view the offers of the various stores in which there may be discounted products. Furthermore, PayPal for Android and iOS will allow the user to avoid the 'usual' queue, such as ordering a dish in a restaurant. Then, the payment receipt will be shown on the display of your smartphone, in this way we will proceed with the payment. Also, if there are, discounts may be applied.

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