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Patent troll against Apple, Samsung, Microsoft for patents on the touchscreen

Neodron, a known patent troll, he targeted Apple and other companies in the IT world for alleged infringement of four patents regarding capacitive keyboards and some sensors used on iPhone 11, third-generation iPad Pro and other similar vendor products such as Microsoft is Samsung.

The patent trolls are entities that base their economic activity on the generalized and indiscriminate registration of the greatest possible number of patents, in order to request the payment of the related royalties to anyone who uses those technologies or those production methods.

To report the story AppleInsider explaining that two of the patents in question concern various functions of the capacitive keyboards. In particular, according to the patent troll, Apple would have exploited its authorship related to keyboards in the design of the iPhone 11, patents registered in October 2010 and March 2011.

The other two patents concern touch and proximity sensors exploited on the third generation 12.9 ? iPhone 11 and iPad Pro. The patents relating to proximity and touch sensors have been registered with the. U.S. Patent Office in June 2014 and July 2016 respectively.

As mentioned being targeted not only Apple but Neodron has filed lawsuits for the same reasons against Amazon, ASUS, LG, Microsoft, Sony is Samsung.

Neodron an Irish facade company born in 2018, known for its constant attempts to sue big names, stating that companies such as Amazon, Dell, HP is Samsung allegedly infringed proprietary patents.

Apple calls on Europe to stop patent trolls

For years, the IT sector has been fighting with patent trolls that register patents relating to abstract and sometimes rather obvious ideas, which in practice are not applied or to be exploited to obtain money from developers of similar technologies who use them in real projects. Joint efforts in the sector have led to the invalidation of various patents but changes to the US patent system and mechanisms are needed to prevent falsification or distortion of the facts, hide documents and fight "piranha" around the world: a real scourge they do waste time and money and cut the wings of the most innovative companies.

In January of this year, Apple and 34 other multinationals urged Europe to prevent patent trolls from blackmailing companies to license the claimed technology to them. In the letter, the various companies and four industrial groups pointed out to the authorities that the patent trolls are stifling innovation, asking for strict rules to prevent blackmail.