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Oppo Watch: the Apple Watch clone appears to have very curved edges

For some weeks now, Oppo's smartwatch has been spoken of as the real Apple Watch clone. Today a first official image arrives, even if it is only a teaser that does not completely show the clock. There is, however, a detail of no small importance. Here is what the Oppo smartwatch has more than Apple Watch.

It is the company's vice president, Brian Shen, who shared a teaser image of the device on his twitter account. The photo shows only a part of the Oppo Watch, but reportedly the device will benefit from a curved screen and also from a 3D glass.

This, precisely, it will be even more curved compared to that of Apple Watch. According to Shen, it will be a "turning point", even if at the moment the meaning of these words is not well understood.Oppo smartwatch, the first image shows something more than Apple Watch

Shen's tweet seems to allude that there may be a reason why Oppo has also chosen not to have a digital crown, effectively replaced by two buttons on the side.

Unfortunately, once again there is no information neither on the launch date, nor on the price of this Oppo Watch. This absence of information, almost certainly, will also derive in part from the cancellation of the MWC 2020, canceled due to the coronavirus.

As already written in the past, at each launch of a new smartwatch the reference is the Apple product as market leader. The Xiaomi Mi Watch has already winked at Apple Watch, although of course, at the operating system level, it will run a version of Wear OS, the Google operating system for wearable devices. As for the Oppo smartwatch, it is unlikely that this latest Apple Watch clone can do anything different, and better, from the point of view of the software, but obviously it is necessary to wait for its release before any further comment.