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Open a URL in Chrome for iOS with a shortcut

By Giacomo Martiradonna Friday 21 February 2020

With a small script it is possible to make a URL in Safari open in Chrome with just one touch. Here's how to do it.

February 21, 2020 update Update: Apparently, starting with a future iOS update, Apple will allow users to choose the default browser and Mail app. This is revealed by very reliable sources, and therefore the indiscretion deemed credible; until then, however, you can use this trick to automatically open a link directly in Chrome.

Despite the initial criticism, Chrome for iOS is liked by many, to the point of having in some cases supplanted Safari in daily navigation. Unfortunately iOS does not allow you to set the default browser, but this small script could be for you: it allows you to open a Safari web page on Chrome with one touch.

At present, unless you use some jailbreaker trick (like BrowserChooser, on Cydia) you cannot ask iOS to open a URL with a browser other than Apple, which forces us to piano virtuosity between touches, copy paste and selections. The good news, if nothing else, that an escamotage can greatly streamline the procedure, and make it at least a little more practical. Here are the instructions to follow.

Just open any page on mobile Safari, for example "", and set it among your bookmarks; for reasons of practicality, you should agree to place it directly in the Favorites Bar. After creating the bookmark, touch the Favorites and then select "Edit", then replace the original URL ( with this string:

javascript: location.href = "googlechrome" + location.href.substring (4);

While you're at it, rename the bookmark from "Melablog" to "Open in Chrome" or something and finally. From now on, just tap on "Open in Chrome" for iOS to close the web page open in Safari and the automatically reopen in Chrome. Simple, undemanding and quick waiting for an official solution from mom Apple.