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One of the latest Chrome updates has serious security problems

The update may cause some third party apps to be restored with the potential loss of personal data

Chrome 79(Photo: Google)

Google he put momentarily Chrome 79 update paused after several problems were encountered especially with third-party apps. The Android System WebView component causing the bug in many smartphones has resulted in the restoration of related software resulting in the bug total loss of all personal data save yourself.

The applications that have been affected by the problems are those for example of the Lite type or those that are based on web pages. These are very simple and basic programs, which in essence can be comparable to web applications. Hence the close link with the home browser. But problems have also emerged with popular apps like Outlook or iCloud Print.

As soon as the update was released on Play Store, many users have fallen into this malfunction, losing even important personal data. Google has collected numerous reports, has given top priority to the resolution of the technical accident and has rightly decided to pause the dissemination of the update of Chrome 79.

The intervention of the Google developers should take place in a very short time, probably going to act on the change of destination of local data saving created by web-based applications.

What can be done concretely while waiting? If you haven't yet upgraded to Chrome 79 better wait until the next update is released that will fix the bug. If, on the other hand, you have already updated it may not be sufficient to simply use an alternative browser, since it is a malfunction that affects third-party apps.

As a reliable solution you can download the apk file of the previous version of Chrome (78) from this certified source. You will need to extend the installation permissions software from unknown origins from the window that will open as soon as the download is completed in seconds.


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