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New suspects: new MacOs hardware 9.2.1

New suspects: new MacOs hardware 9.2.1 logomacitynet1200wide 1

MacOs Rumors, like Macity, also believes that MacOs 9.2.1, codenamed Limelight, whose existence has been revealed in recent days by some sites dedicated to rumors, would be destined to support the hardware released at Apple Expo, scheduled for Paris at the end of September, according to the site dedicated to rumors, some sources confirmed that Limelight would contain new extensions and the code necessary to provide access to some peripherals not yet released. It would be a new type of Nvidia acceleration card and a new type of DVD.We remember that according to many sources in September Apple will release an updated version of Titanium with a slightly redesigned motherboard capable of accommodating the portable version of the Nvidia MX and a DVD player with combined burner. Among the major limitations of Cupertino's high-end laptop are in fact highlighted the low power of the Rage 128 and the lack of an integrated burner. According to MacOs Rumors Limelight will also serve to support the new iMac LCD, also this, says the site dedicated to rumors, in Paris. The news seems to us at the moment rather unlikely. The impression that Apple is still quite far from the presentation of the machine and in any case it seems difficult that it can be launched in Paris. Its relevance for the Apple market such that Jobs will hardly give up on the fanfares of the American media that have an eye and great coverage only of the events that take place on US soil. It is more concrete to believe that if the launch of the new iMac will take place this year it will only happen during an event organized specifically in the United States.

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