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New Nvidia on the horizon

New Nvidia on the horizon logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nvidia will introduce modified and enhanced versions of its GeForce 3 cards by the beginning of October. Sources close to the Californian company have announced it, although not yet officially, thus confirming the rumors that have been circulating about it for a few days. also the basis of a card adopted by the G4 (although only in build to order) should be produced in several new versions. One destined for the high-end market, that of hard core gamers, which could be called GeForce 3 Ultra; a low-end version will probably be called GeForce 3 MX. The Ultra version should support more memory and bandwidth than the current version while the MX version should have single data rate memories instead of the Ultra's double data rate RAM.Remember that Apple's G4 computers currently use an Nvidia Geforce 2 MX chip. It is therefore probable that the next revision of the desktops could lead to the modification of the acceleration card which will be replaced with a GeForce 3 MX even if ATI stands out threateningly with its Radeon 8500, a product that according to the first reports able to put great pressure on the competition.

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