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New Motorola chips banned from upgrade manufacturers?

New Motorola chips banned from upgrade manufacturers? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new processors of the MPC 7450 and 7410 series used in the new Apple machines would make it very difficult if not impossible to create update cards to upgrade old machines equipped with previous generation chips. The news, which for now remains at the level of indiscretion, has been released yesterday by Macnn who is said not to be able to specify further on this topic. The source, in any case, would be a company that deals precisely with the production of upgrading cards. In recent weeks, conflicting rumors had spread on the Internet based on the unnatural stasis that reigns in the sector of updating cards. At the moment the only kits available reach 500 MHz, the maximum speed reached by the MPC 7400 whose unfortunate commercial history and in terms of technological evolution well known to all. Since January, however, Apple has started to use processors of the 7410 and 7450 series in its machines. Now the 7410 version has been abandoned to switch to the 7450 version that jumped to 867 MHz. The 7400 series processors are only supplied to Titanium which they arrive, in fact, at a maximum of 500 MHz. It is difficult to say whether the "checkpoint" of which the manufacturers of update cards speak is to refer to some moves implemented by Apple or by the characteristics of the processors. It is probable that the inability to update the Mac motherboards is due to some changes in Cupertino's engineering. In the past, Apple had tried to make updating Macs difficult using the code contained in the firmware, obstacles overcome by a reverse engineering operation by the card manufacturers themselves. Earlier, and in unsuspected times, our online magazine had received from American sources the indiscretion that Jobs was one of the first steps taken to return to his position as CEO, asking to study how to make it difficult if not impossible. Mac update, seen as one of the lowest selling factors of Apple machines compared to PCs.

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